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Haere Mai! Welcome, to the Erinsphere. A place for all things borne of the vision of one small, dreadlocked gypsy.


Originally hailing from semi-rural South Canterbury, Erin has links to Ngai Tahu and recognises the Waitaha Nation, with ancestors in Aotearoa since before written history in New Zealand. On her other side, the Crowley name is passed down from Britain and Ireland. Growing up in Timaru provided little motivation for innovation, but after a lightbulb moment in Christchurch city while studying Photography, and a few years soul-searching throughout South-East Asia (both above and below the water), Erin broke free of the conventional, left her job as a barista at a busy Nelson cafe, and became a full time touring musician. 

Spending the best part of five years travelling the Australasian coastlines and countryside, getting to know, on a first-name-basis, the people of the land and the places they call home.. These journeys have been challenging and rich. Not money rich - no, Erin "seems to exist on the smell of an oily rag" according to her own father. Somehow, she seems to be making the most of life, without needing that nine-to-five. 

The energy can be almost overwhelming. This pint-sized songstress is also a passionate photographer, ethical advocate, health and fitness junkie, spiritual seeker and promoter of compassion. A wandering minstrel with her finger on the political pulse, and a focus that is incredibly powerful. Unafraid to stand for what she believes in, yet friendly and approachable, Erin inspires and uplifts in conversation and song, with topics that will touch hearts and open minds. It's conscious roots music, for complicated times. It's relaxing, and refreshing all at once in it's raw simplicity. With a great attention to detail and integrity, Erin's debut album "Remember Love" was recorded to capture the set as played live, and, with classic kiwi DIY attitude, she designed the entire album cover herself while on tour in Australia. 


Album released, it was time for another tour, and, like many creatives who cannot settle, a new focus had to be found. After collaborating with a fellow loop artist from Australia, a brand new concept was born.. That same conscious music, but this time, in electronic, midi-synced, dual-live-looping layers. In an epic feat, Erin single handedly booked and promoted the new project, Dub Cymatics, through a three-month tour of New Zealand. Covering fifty shows, the tour was hugely successful, with great response from audiences and media. The band achieved a number one (and two!) chart position on Australia's Triple J Unearthed within weeks of logging into the site, recorded a number of tracks while on tour(watch out for the EP), and worked with internationally recognised Dub/Reggae/Dancehall collective, Byron Bay's 4'20 Sound System on a number of shows. Unfortunately, the huge workload meant pressure on the band reached peak levels, and while there have been rumours of a regrouping in the future, we'll just have to wait and see!


As so often happens in life, the trials and tribulations of our experiences are preparing us for bigger things. After living the difference between solo touring, and transporting multiple musicians (plus crew), soundsystems, lighting, and gear, a short trip on a bus from Auckland to Paihia set of another spark. It was time to level up. Sitting in the top floor of a modern double decker bus, Erin started sketching frantically. Ideas, design. A rolling sound system. Accommodation. How to make touring easier, more accessible. How to bring great energy and inspiration, as she's always brought through song, into the world, in a most unambiguous way. Unmissable. To fill hearts and heads with possibility. To give back, to pave the way for future artists, while smoothing the path for established ones.

Erin is currently editing her first book, a biography of many stories that have coloured her world along the way. It covers her discovery of purpose, the steps towards self-employment and lessons learned through years of performance and living on the road. It's a ten year time-line, from that first moment she realised she could help this world - s somehow, we can all help this world. Make sure you jump on the mailing list to hear about release dates, projected to be October 2018. Ten years brings us to the start of the Dub Cymatics tour. To read up more on what's happening, right now, click the Te Waka tab, and discover the latest journey; a mighty Bristol VT Double Decker Music Bus restoration. Who knows. You may just want to jump on board yourself.  






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