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Based between Nelson, NZ, and Melbourne, Australia, Erin is an independent touring musician who spends the best part of her years travelling the Australasian coastlines and countryside, getting to know, on a first-name-basis, the people of the land and the places they call home.
However, realistically, Erin is more than a Singer/Songwriter.. This pint-sized songstress is also a passionate photographer, ethical advocate, health and fitness junkie, spiritual seeker and promoter of compassion.. Unafraid to stand for what she believes in, yet friendly and approachable, Erin inspires and uplifts with topics that will touch hearts and open minds; conscious roots music, for complicated times. it is here, in the "Erinsphere" that these qualities combine. In Stories, in Pictures, and in Songs. Well, two outta three ain't bad, and the website's only just launched. 

It was back in Christchurch that it all began; in a messy flat in the city centre, singing to a group of friends. A lightbulb moment that inspired a life of channeling positive energy through music, at a time when Erin was busy studying photography in Christchurch. Fast forward - through two failed hard-drives of high quality imagery, bulky SLR's hampering her thirst for adventure and the rise of the iPhone and Instagram.. And today, Erin's photographic eye is enjoyable on a daily basis. Her 'visual diary' captures her adventurous lifestyle.. Check it out on her Instagram Feed

Welcome to the dawn of the modern Troubairitz. A gypsy-style wandering minstrel with her finger on the political pulse, and the intention to support and promote the things she believes in. Welcome to the Erinsphere. 


Haere Mai. Please, make yourself at home and familiar with the site using the navigation tabs.  

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